As part of the activities, a free public conference was held in which the artist shared the importance of art in the world and spoke live with the students and the artistic community through a talk held at the Auditorio Telmex, located In Obreros De Cananea 747, Complejo Belenes, 45157 Zapopan. Jal., Mexico.

March 28, 2017, 11:00 a.m.
Auditorio Telmex

As part of the activities of the artist David LaChapelle in Guadalajara, a university forum was held with young people in Auditorio Telmex, where he shared his experiences, showed his initial work and gave a preview of what will be presenting this week in his exhibition "Lost & Found | Meet again ", which is held at the Instituto Cultural Cabañas.

"As a young man I would have liked someone to give me some words that would allow me to meet and guide what I wanted to do ..." he said to those present.

The first thing he showed on screen was about his first picture and his first model, his mother. He later shared that by expressing his artistic side from a small age he was intimidated by her schoolmates, to the point of moving to New York, where he finally felt identified and where his art was well received.

At that time he spent most of his time drawing or painting. Then he decided to go back to school, and then he went back to the picture. When portraying his roommates in black and white photography, when he noticed that he had a strange fascination with silhouettes.

Since then he portrays modern compositions influenced by aesthetics, themes and figures of Renaissance art, which are usually recharged in elements, shimmering colors, and unique models.

Although he was very young, he met Andy Warhol, who was delighted with his work and offered him a position in Interview magazine, which gave him creative freedom, as long as they all looked good.

He confessed that to stay sane he did things as he wanted, without losing his essence, which suddenly led him to generate controversy. He said that this talk arose from the motivation he feels for demonstrating to young people and other artists that it is important that children feel motivated to create in any of the disciplines they choose not only in artistic expressions but in any activity That they undertake.

"I communicate through images, but I think the words, in English or Spanish, are stronger, even if I'm not very good with them." He mentioned during the previous press conference. For David, art, music, theater and other disciplines are what can enlighten a person, so he believes that for artists it is a great responsibility to deliver quality work, not only is it about becoming rich and famous .