212 PRODUCTIONS is pleased to announce the spaces that conform the "exhibition circuit" - IMAGINARY DIALOGUES - of contemporary artist David LaChapelle in Montevideo, Uruguay.




On a fundamental level all visual art, since the very first cave paintings, is conceived to convey an emotion or situation.

Enlightment shows 18 photographs from David LaChapelle in the rooms of Union Foundation, a private, nonprofit organization, conceived in 2010 by Juan Sartori (founder of Union Group) to develop and implement artistic, cultural and educational projects in countries where Union Group operates.



Moving beyond a practice that is post-modern, when LaChapelle shifts a classical scene to our times, it becomes a vital element of the contemporary cultural conversation

Postmodernity consists of 10 photographs of medium and large format exhibited inThe Space of Contemporary Art, a non profit organization, dependent on the National Directorate of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay. It was opened in 2010 as part of the recovery of the old prison grounds of Miguelete.



The vivid imagination of David LaChapelle takes myriad aspects of human experience; religious archetypes, which are globally recognized and part of the shared lexicon of the human experience and universal symbolism.

Composed of 47 images Contemporaneity is distributed over the 3 floors of the Center of Photography. The meaning of Montevideo Center of Photography (CDF) is to work from photography in order to stimulate reflection and critical thinking on social issues, promoting the debate on the formation of identities and contributing to the construction of citizenship.

Conference of David LaChapelle


The National Museum of Visual Arts is responsible for contributing to the cultural development of the country, spreading artistics and visual culture, to document the evolution of the national art and to increase the collection of visual arts in the country, optimizing the conditions for proper preservation and to investigate and promote research in areas of art and it's history.

Joining the exhibition circuit "Imaginary Dialogues" The MNAV presents and it is the place to hold of the Conference of David LaChapelle.

Symbols of Immortality


TheIn the 1960s, Andy Warhol created a series of the most iconic pop culture paintings of all-time.

In Symbols of Immortality LaChapelle portrays Amanda Lepore in a tribute to Warhol's paintings, presented in the room of the General Association of Authors of Uruguay (AGADU), founded on September 26, 1929, as a result of the merger of various cultural institutions, by different ways, sought to defend the Copyright - moral and patrimonial, and presents a Panel discussion Conference with main speaker photographer David LaChapelle invited.



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